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Discover our calendar of music festivals in Spain for 2024. Find the best festivals for summer and all year round. Our comprehensive festival guide helps you find the perfect festival experience based on location, tastes and dates. There are open-air festivals, indoor festivals, multi-day festivals, festivals with or without camping, festivals for children, macro festivals, boutique festivals in very special settings… Find your festival here!




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UltraNight Pop Festival


Sala Shoko, Madrid


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SPAIN Festival Guide 2024

Ticketmaster’s festival guide is dedicated to all the music festivals of 2024. Whether you’re looking for the best festivals this summer, any time of year, or even setting your festival calendar for next year, in this page you will find a complete guide with the best festivals in Spain.

Our festival finder is designed to help you find your perfect festival experience whatever your location, tastes, budget or available days in your vacation schedule. Most festivals take place in the summer months, between May and September, but there are festivals throughout the year, outdoor and indoor, multi-day with and without camping, and single-day festivals.

You can filter by alphabetical order by selecting the “A-Z” option or use “Dates” if you want a chronological order to see the festivals ordered from January to December. And as soon as we have the 2025 festivals on sale, you can also check them to make your wish list or buy your tickets as soon as possible. Our festival guide is all you need!


According to the Cultural Statistics Yearbook produced by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport 2022, the expansion of festivals is at its peak, with more than 874 festivals held in Spain in 2022.
In addition, the summer months account for 65% of the concentration of festivals, but the festival season is lengthening and is no longer exclusive to June, July and August: the months of May and September are experiencing a rise in the volume of festivals, but we can also find a festival plan in any other month of the year. On the other hand, 45% of the festivals held in 2021 were held in Catalonia, Andalusia and the Community of Madrid.

With so many festivals on offer, it is increasingly difficult to decide which one to attend. According to the data collected by Oh Holy Festivals in the survey of its III Observatory of Brands in Festivals, there are many more factors to take into account apart from the line-up. These are the reasons why the fan attends a festival:

– The performances – 52%.
– The price of the ticket – 33%.
– The location (that it is close to where I live) – 17%.
– Atmosphere (that there are fans of my style) – 17%.
– Good experiences from previous years – 15%
– Ease of access (place I can get to easily) – 14
– The location (that it’s in a place I want to visit) – 9%
– Friends (that all my friends will be there) – 7%
– Side activities (food/drink area, experiences, etc) – 6%
– That it’s big (lots of artists and lots of attendees) – 4%

94% of festival-goers buy their tickets at least 2 months in advance and most wait until the artists are announced to book their tickets:

– 26% buy their ticket without knowing the full line-up.
– 41% buy their season ticket when the line-up with the artists is confirmed
– 32% buy single day tickets

Types of festivals and music genres in festivals

Currently there are festivals of all kinds: macro festivals that have a large audience capacity and lots of stages as well as large line ups full of artists; family festivals to go with children and that have ideal spaces for the little ones to play and learn; the boutique festivals, usually located in charming places such as the beach or the forest, which are designed for a small audience and have a very careful and defined aesthetic.

In some of them you can camp with your tent, others have bungalows or “glampings”, others take place in the city and you can arrive by subway and sleep in a hotel, Airbnb or in your own house… there is a festival for every occasion and for every person and music lover!

Major headliners at festivals in Spain in 2023

During 2023 you can enjoy artists of like: Jorge Drexler (Vida Festival), TINI (Concert Music Festival), Red Hot Chili Peppers (Mad Cool Festival), Rod Stewart (Starlite Catalana Occidente), Megadeth (Leyendas del Rock), Andrés Calamaro (Vive Latino), Quevedo (Cabaret Festival)

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